Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

If your side window glass is damaged, it can cause problems while you drive- especially in bad weather. Getting rained on while driving is not an enjoyable prospect! Any damage to the other window glasses and the rear glass should also be looked into at the earliest.

Other than the windshield, all the other glasses cannot be fixed by a simple repair. Due to the nature of the glass, even a tiny chip means that the entire glass has to be replaced. For any auto glass replacements, you need to look no further than the Auto Glass Richmond Hill shop. Regardless of what make of vehicle you have, we will provide a speedy and efficient auto glass replacement at very competitive prices. We use only original equipment manufacturer’s quality of glass, and we have many different makes of glass in stock in our warehouse, so that we can offer comprehensive services for every make of vehicle.

After fitting the glass, we will make sure that all the functionality is intact, and that any defrost or technological qualities of the glass are maintained. We believe in giving you value added services, and will check all the other glasses as well and also clean up thoroughly after the auto glass replacement is done.

With us, you can be sure of service that is fast and thoroughly professional. Do not postpone having your glasses fixed, it could mean the difference between a safe ride and potential disaster for your loved ones in your vehicle! Call the experts at Auto Glass Richmond Hill today.